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About Us

((Originator : Late Mr.Mohammad Karim Kouzegar))

((Originator :

 Late Mr.Mohammad Karim Kouzegar))

The Crystal Atelier was inaugurated in 1966, began its career for the 
first time in Iran with Vitra glass. The founder of this institute, who 
is unfortunately not among us anymore, was a pioneer in using industrial 
sand blast for glass design in Iran by taking advantage of Western 
designs as a role model.
Once the Glue chip Technique was introduced, designs with various 
textures could be applied on glass. Multistage-Carved Glass which 
reduced radically the glass’s reciprocal visibility, was another popular 
technique among Iranians.
The climax of Art Glass however, was the invention of Stained Glass. 
Through this technique the Beveled Glasses are attached to each other by 
came and make up a marvelous whole. In this whole, one can use colored 
glass or glass with various textures without any limitation.

((Director  Manager :Mr.Mohammadreza Kouzegar))

((Director  Manager :

 Mr.Mohammadreza Kouzegar))

By watching the Stained Glass and rejoicing in its luminosity, a grave 
pain ails the men of art.
Why should the
security glass doors which has neither a frame nor a frame rail , be deprived of this attraction?
Why should commercial centers and shopping malls be decorated with 
glasses that belong to 30 years ago?
The aim of the Crystal Atelier of Arts lies behind this question.
Using the Flat Fuse Glass Technique, today we are most privileged to 
present our dear customers and their security glass doors with 
attraction and luminosity.